Project soaring

project soaring

Project SOARING seeks to prepare NYC school leaders and their schools serving an influx of recently arrived multilingual learners to enroll, welcome, and learn to build on their students’ and schools’ assets to provide academic and social emotional services to their recently arrived, multilingual learner student.

1. Provide targeted support to school leaders new to serving recently arrived multilingual learners to improve and implement asset-based structures and practices that address academic and socio emotional needs of their newcomer students.
2. Prepare a new generation of school leaders and educators at schools serving recently arrived MLLs based on the practice and research base behind the Internationals approach to educating MLLs and supporting bilingualism.
3. Collaborate with NYC school districts to build out a comprehensive approach to successfully welcoming and serving the recent influx of newcomer students.

We have 10 schools in NYC participating in this project at this time.

For more information about this program contact:
Director of School Support, NY Dennis De Guzman Caindec, Ed.D.