April 11-13, 2024

A once-a-year, three-day event where Internationals school administrators (Principals, Assistant Principals, Academy Leaders, and selected leaders) gather to share strong practices, hone their leadership skills, and use leadership protocols to obtain support and guidance around their specific problems of practice.

This unique gathering leverages the strength of our national network bringing together school leaders from across the country to engage in constructive dialogue with one another about best practices as well as opportunities to discuss challenges and engage in deep conversations around difficult topics. Internationals provides access to strategic planning tools and resources to support schools in action planning around their problems of practice.



Contact: Clarissa Cummings



TWA Hotel at JFK Airport
1 Idlewild Dr, Queens, NY 11430


Thur. April 11, 2024

Welcome and Framing
Community Building Activity
Problem of Practice Share 
Network Alignment
Unconference Time
Dinner & Guest Speaker

Fri. April 12, 2024

School Visit or Workshop Sessions
Success Shares
School/Region Strategic Planning
Dinner & Activity

Sat. April 13, 2024

Workshops & School Strategic Planning

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How many people are coming?

  • We are expecting a full capacity retreat with over 60 Internationals leaders who will be coming from the Bay Area, Buffalo, Washington DC, Virginia,and Pasaic, and more!

What do I need to bring with me?

  • We suggest you bring your laptop. All materials for workshops will be supplied.

 Will I have any free time for myself during the retreat?

  • Though the retreat schedule will keep you well occupied with workshops, activities, and networking, any time outside of the agenda is your free time to explore the hotel ammenities or simply relax.

What is the dress code?

  • Casual attire is recommended. NYC weather in April typically ranges between 64°F / 45° (F).


Check-in time is 4:00p ET

The hotel cannot guarantee early check in if you arrive before 4pm.

In 2019 the iconic Trans World Airlines terminal at JFK Terminal 5 was transformed into TWA Hotel, a retro-themed hotel complex celebrating the Jet Age.

The TWA Hotel received Conde Nast Traveler’s Reader Choice Award for 2023. Here are some reasons why…

  • Ultra-quiet guestrooms with exhilarating views of JFK’s runways and the iconic TWA Flight Center.
  • A Lockheed Constellation “Connie” L-1649A transformed into a cocktail lounge.
  • Museum exhibits on TWA, the Jet Age and the midcentury modern design movement.
  • A Twister Room, where you can play a wall-to-wall version of the 1960s game and a photo booth to capture your travel memories.
Hotel FAQ

When should I arrive to the hotel?

  • Attendees traveling from outside of New York City can arrive to the hotel on Wednesday, April 10th. 

Can I extend my stay at the hotel?

  • If you would like extend your stay in your hotel room past Saturday let Clarissa know asap and she will try to get an extension at the discounted group rate. You would be responsible for all hotel charges covering the additonal days.

Can I take public transportation to the TWA Hotel

  • For details instructions on taking public transportation to the hotel click here.

      To reach the TWA Hotel from JFK Airport, exit the AirTrain at the Terminal 5 (JetBlue) stop and follow the signs to the elevator on the same level as the train platform. Take the elevator down to Level 1. Walk left off the elevator, go through the doors, turn left and cross the street toward the Yellow Parking Garage. Turn left on the sidewalk and follow the covered walkway to the TWA Hotel front door.

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      Workshop Descriptions

      Friday,  April 12, 2024

      9:15 AM – 11:15 AM

      Session A: The Role of AI in an Internationals School

      How should Internationals Network schools respond to the growth of AI technologies? In this interactive workshop, participants can hear directly from an Internationals school leader who recently partnered with MIT to investigate the use of large-language models in school communities. In addition to this case study, participants will explore stations that cover numerous puzzles about the implications of this technology. Participants will discuss what role schools can or should play in preparing students to responsibly navigate a world suffused with AI, and the policy decisions this implies. Participants will together unpack the emergent role of dynamic translation tools in the context of translanguaging and multilingual development – and its implications for instructional materials and planning. Participants will also get hands-on experience with customized chat-bots, built with core Internationals Network concepts in mind, and investigate numerous AI-powered tools gaining steam among educators. Participants will have time to learn, explore, play, norm, and negotiate the role of new technologies in the context of our model, and will have ample time to apply ideas to their own school communities.

      Facilitator: Kevin Hesseltine, Flushing International High School

      Session B: Wellness and Impact on School Community
      What is the relationship between community wellness and building trust and buy-in in school communities?  In this workshop, leaders will explore a school-wide inquiry project centered on community wellness and care, examining its influence on trust and buy-in towards school goals. They’ll explore the mindset shifts, approaches, and prototypes employed during this project. Participants will engage in discussions on how wellness shapes and influences trust and buy-in within their communities and will be provided the space to reflect on the potential of wellness programs in schools to support professional growth and positive outcomes for students. Additionally this workshop will afford educators the space to consider their views towards wellness, and reflect on how it impacts their own leadership practices as they continue their professional journeys.


      Facilitator: Shweta Ratra, Crotona International High School 

      Session C: Developing and Sustaining Career Connected Learning Programs
      How do Internationals Schools implement career-connected learning programs, and what do these programs look like at various stages of development? Work-based learning, internships, and other career and technical education opportunities embody the Internationals Core Principle of Experiential Learning beyond the school building, and provide students with real-work experience while also gaining school credit. In this session, participants will have the opportunity to hear from different leaders and their approaches to integrating career connected learning experiences into broader school structures, as well as the leader moves employed to support staff and students. Participants will also explore the questions, considerations, and planning necessary to begin the process of implementing career connected-learning programs. Through a stations activity, participants will hear from multiple school-sites and learn about the successes and challenges of developing and sustaining these programs. There will also be multiple opportunities for feedback and application.


      Facilitators: Representatives from PAIHS Monroe, IHS for Health Sciences, Brooklyn IHS and Bronx IHS

      Session D: School Visit: Intro to the Core Principles of the Internationals Approach
      This half-day school visit is designed for a small group of leaders who have not visited a school in the region before. The focus of this session is an introduction to the Core Principles of the Internationals Network. 

      Location: TBD

      Saturday,  April 13, 2024

      8:45 AM – 10:45 AM

      Session E: Unpacking Literacy Development in an Internationals Classroom
      What does effective literacy instruction look like in our network of schools and academies? In this workshop, participants will learn about the research based components of literacy, explore effective literacy practices, and connect this to current instructional approaches of literacy instruction in core content and intervention classes. Participants will have the opportunity to observe and norm around a video of an International High School literacy class to unpack effective literacy practices that support students in developing their literacy skills. This workshop will serve as a foundation for creating future learning initiatives around literacy and to continue our collaborative network-wide conversation and effectively build our shared understanding around literacy development as a network.

      Facilitators: Dennis De Guzman Caindec and Mireia Rothman-Simon, Internationals 

      Session F: Developing your Data Action Plan and Measuring for Improvement

      How can leaders create a bridge between the outcomes they want to see at the end of the year and the data they can use to reflect on progress and refine improvement efforts along the way? In this workshop, leaders will be introduced to a multilingual learner data framework that promotes how culturally and linguistically responsive data practices can be used to best support school goals/outcomes for students. Participants will also have the opportunity to collaboratively explore what it could look like to apply this framework by exploring one of three case studies in depth. Case study areas include 1) School Culture & Socio-emotional Learning; 2) Graduation Progress Monitoring & MTSS; and 3) Reading Growth. In addition, participants will hear from leaders about how they use the qualitative and quantitative data to work toward their goals. Finally, leaders will be able to explore data collection and measurement planning tools that could help them build a data action plan based on their school’s problem of practice.

      Facilitators: Ben Hammond, IA at Alexandria City HS, Billy Shulman, IHS-Langley Park and Nancy Rosas, Internationals 

      Friday Night Dinner & Activity

      Laser Tag, Bowling, and Arcade at Chelsea Piers


      For this year’s traditional Friday night dinner and activity, we are excited to take an excursion to Bowlmero at the Chelsea Piers, a 28-acre Sports & Entertainment village located along Manhattan’s Hudson River. At Bowlmero we will have fun-filled team activities, including Laser Tag and Bowling, and more!

      For more information, visit the website.

        How will we get to Bowlmero?

        Private bus transportation to and from Bowlmero is provided. Attendees will meet in the TWA Hotel lobby at 4:30p on Friday, April 12 to depart for Bowlmero.

        Transporation back to the hotel from Bowlmero departs at 8:30p. 

        What should I wear?

        Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Also take into consideration that we will be on the waterfront in the evening, which is cooler and breezy at that time.

        For those who are bowling, bowling shoes are included. 

        Can I join in as many activities as I want?

        You can do anything and everything during our time at Bowlmero! There is enough time to play one round of lasertag, and one game of bowling. You can also choose to play arcade games at any time.

        Is food included?

        Yes, we will have a selection of appetizers, meals and drinks on hand throughout our event.

        Do I have to return to the hotel with the group?

        It is not mandatory that attendees return to the hotel on the group’s transportation departing at 8:30p. However, if you do not take the provided transportation, travel back to the hotel is your responsibility. (Travel by taxi/Uber/Lyft is highly recommended.)