Coop Tech


Eligibility: Applicants must be 17-21 years old and either in high school (11th-12th grades only), a D79 Program or have already graduated. Acceptance is based on students having already earned at least 20 credits toward high school graduation and on passing the majority of current classes. Priority for acceptance is given to District 79 students, Post-Graduates, Seniors and Students who do not have access to CTE programming in their high school.


1. Building Trades

2. Health Care

3. IT

4. Service Industries

Coop Tech offers classes in all five boroughs that provide students with cutting edge trade classes and technology training that meet the growing demands of our nation’s workplace. Many students in Coop Tech are given the opportunity to take part in the Department of Education’s Work Based Learning Program (WBL) which provides job readiness skills knowledge of basic safety and OSHA procedures, CPR, and real world of work exposure. Upon recommendation from program faculty, each student can be matched with one of Coop Tech’s intern partnership sites.