Have you ever wondered what it looks like when a school is designed to center the experiences of multilingual high school students?

Visiting an Internationals Network school gives you a firsthand look at the classrooms, school structures, curriculum, and leadership moves that help make school communities come to life for young people who are new to the country, learning a new language, and preparing for post-secondary success.

Learn about the benefits, how to get involved, and where you can attend a School Visit!

Have you ever wondered what it looks like when a school is designed to center the experiences of multilingual high school students?

“The resources were incredible! Many were some I never saw before so I really hope we continue our connection with Internationals […]They are without a doubt the best PD I have received.”

— Teacher, DCPS

“Best PD’s I have ever attended.”

— Teacher, LAUSD

“I plan to incorporate the strategies I observed during classroom visits.”

— Teacher, PGCPS

“I appreciated the interdisciplinary collaboration and opportunity to talk about what we do or see in our own classroom spaces. This leads to new ideas or common ground on shared observations/problems/success etc.”

— Teacher, PGCPS


Engagement & Impact

Every school community in the Internationals Network centers recently arrived, multilingual students by focusing on strategies such as collaboration, experiential learning, and language and content integration — and in every district where we collect data, Internationals Network students outperform their peers.

Learning & Exchange

You’ll get to see what it looks like, talk to the people who make it happen, and walk away with ideas, resources, and strategies that you can bring back to your own community right away.

Community & Connection

You’ll also be introduced to a wider group of educators who are all committed to the same goal of supporting multilingual students – with opportunities to stay in touch or to deepen that community of practice over time.


Big Picture

There are 7 different school visits over the course of the coming school year, each with a different focus and topic. These experiences include a full-day visit to a school and a half-day debrief the following day.

You will experience:

  • Time to see classrooms
  • Talk with teachers, students, and leaders
  • Explore student-facing materials
  • Build community with like-minded educators
  • Engage in discussion about how it all connects to our own work.
  • A half-day debrief to support reflection and planning

Interaction & Engagement

Every Internationals Network PD experience, including school visits, is designed to be participant-centered. Activities will be hands-on, exploratory, and collaborative, modeling many of the ideals that make our schools tick.

Available School Visits

Your Immersive Experience Awaits!

San Francisco IHS

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CA Template – Short Title (Change)

San Francisco International High School 9/16 School Visit 9 AM - 3 PM 9/17 Debrief 9 AM - 1 PM How can a school be structured to center the experiences […]

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